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"After one and a half years, the core exchange rollers for all of our MBO B32s perfection folders are still running fine." -- PPP Corp, Scarborough, ON

"No Downtime" Roller Exchange

With our huge inventory of refurbished rollers, you may never have to buy new rollers again!

Add high grip urethane to any roller exchange order for faster running speeds.

We send you new or remanufactured buckle folding fold rollers to match your change-out schedule so that you can change out at your convenience, day, night or even weekends. Used rollers must be returned within 30 days of receiving the exchange rollers. We stock fold machine rollers and change-out accessories to fit all MBO or Stahl buckle folders. If your model is not listed below, please call us for availability. Normal turnaround time for exchange orders is one week or less.

Exchange rollers come in classic urethane unless specified. Consider an upgrade to high grip urethane for faster running speeds and more traction, especially with aqueous stock.

MBO Models:
Order Forms and Prices:
Stahl Models:
Order Forms and Prices:
B15, B16, B18, B20, B21, B23, B26, B26s, B30, B30s, B32s USA B20, Ti36, T49, T50, Ti52, T55, T56, T66, T78, T82, T92
B118, B120, B123 | T49, T52, T65, T74, T79

We also have exchange rollers for Vijuk and Baum 20-20. Call us for availability.

All MBO exchange rollers come with bearings installed. Order new Stahl one-piece bearings with your exchange rollers.
MBO bearings  MBO repair parts  Stahl one-piece bearings  Stahl change out sets 
MBO Bearings
Included with Exchange Rollers
MBO Roller Paks
$35 per Roller
Stahl One-Piece Bearings
$70 per Roller (set of 2)
Stahl Roller Paks With Bearings $85 per Roller

We package the basic repair parts in Roller Paks shown above. See our Folder Accessories page for information on when to replace these parts. We suggest having at least two or three rollers paks on hand during change-out, as the first couple of rollers will have the most wear on these parts.

MBO and Stahl are registered trademarks.

We manufacture folder parts, specializing in folder rollers with high performance soft urethane for maximum productivity, segmented gluing rollers, and vacuum wheels, for all makes of OEM buckle folders. Restore your buckle folder fold rollers using our Recovery and Exchange programs for folder rollers and vacuum wheels. We can also convert any buckle fold folder, old or new, to "spiral grip" fold rollers or TH rollers that have superior grip. All folder rollers are available in 'high grip' urethane for faster running speeds with aqueous stock. We replace your old urethane using a heat bond process of 90 durometer Uniroyal urethane, which is an exact match to all OEM buckle folder rollers.

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